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What is a neme?

What the heck is Nemetics?



TINI The International Nemetics Institute 

 Engaging natural systems to make the world a better place.


Learning C0-Creation University

Learners working with other Learners to be better Learners.


Nemetic Research Institute

Basic multidisciplinary research to inform the work of TINI, NIASK, TNI 


Nemetic Institute of Art and Science Kolkata
Learning about Ourselves and Our World through Arts and Natural Systems. 


Transmedia Navigation Institute

Co creation in the Transmedia ecosystem.

























You are looking at an experiment in self organization and co-creation 

The collaboration technique is to communicate on Twitter and Facebook and store for slow thinking in this wiki.

Each member of the Nemetics Team has full access to the wiki to change as they think appropriate

version 0.5 


Feedback from twitter.

May 18 11;20 PM Brooklyn Time    
Fabian Szulanski ‏@fabianszulanski  3h3 hours ago

@toughLoveforx @graingered It'd be great incorporating a map in the Wiki homepage showing interdependences between TINI, NRI, NIASK & TNI

Michael Josefowicz ‏@toughLoveforx  29m29 minutes ago

@fabianszulanski agree. i want to wait a little while till it becomes more clear. Do the taglines make sense to you? @graingered

Fabian Szulanski ‏@fabianszulanski  3h3 hours ago

@toughLoveforx @graingered In general the GUI is barebones, mostly text based. If that's the intent, then nothing to say.

Michael Josefowicz ‏@toughLoveforx  28m28 minutes ago

@fabianszulanski the gui is the wireframe for a website to come. Do all the finetuning then go into web site design and construction

Fabian Szulanski ‏@fabianszulanski  3h3 hours ago

@toughLoveforx @graingered I wud apply Occam razor and not include more than 5 different 'things' in each screen. Homepage is a bit crowded.

Michael Josefowicz ‏@toughLoveforx  28m28 minutes ago

@fabianszulanski i changed it this morning. take a look at ver 0.5 http://niask.pbworks.com/w/page/104647816/Home … mo betta? @graingered

Fabian Szulanski ‏@fabianszulanski  3h3 hours ago

@toughLoveforx @graingered I'd also add a Glossary 4 dummies in the Homepage.

Michael Josefowicz ‏@toughLoveforx  27m27 minutes ago

@fabianszulanski I now think the only neooligism we need is neme. everything else natural language http://niask.pbworks.com/w/page/104722216/NEME … @graingered


May 19 6:20 AM Brooklyn Time 

Daniel Durrant ‏@ddrrnt  5h5 hours agoEugene, OR
@NEMETICS @toughLoveforx I have this one as the home page: http://niask.pbworks.com/w/page/104647816/Home … I do like the lifelong learning one, though.

Daniel Durrant ‏@ddrrnt  5h5 hours agoEugene, OR

@toughLoveforX cateogrizing and/or prioritizing content into sections is always helpful. @NEMETICS @PredictSwan @CHopeMurray @antisignal 




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Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 3:14 pm on Jul 21, 2016

Upper Right Corner (URC) HELP button displays same Education (Classroom) Edition Manual linked via SideBar ...

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 9:21 am on Aug 2, 2016

Corrected SideBar shortened URL for HELP button & appended New Republic Cartogram example with attribution Source-URL

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